Magnetic Rubber Tip Protector
Magnetic Rubber Tip Protector

Magnetic Rubber Tip Protector

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Made of nickel plated rare earth permanent magnet and bonded to the durable rubber casing, this tip protector keeps your tip (and floor) safe.

Why Rare Earth Magnet?

  • No more rattling threads that come loose while you play. Magnetic force and weight from instrument provide no space for rattles or undesirable vibrations. 
  • Easy to use. Just hold tip protector near tip (or other metal object) and let the magnet secure the tip protector for you.
  • Holds tight. The magnet is the strongest type of permanent magnet available. It won’t come off unless you want it to.
  • Anchors your puck onto your endpin. This makes it easy to move your instrument around your rehearsal space.
  • Keeps you tip safe and keeps things and people safe around your instrument. Your tip stays sharp so always put your tip protector on while not playing for safety.