I have been using an N-Pin brand endpin for both my double-basses since 2004. I could not be happier with the results and my life is so much easier. No longer do I need to replace thumb screws every few years.

The tip is razor sharp and digs into any available surface. The wheel adapter is great.

Not only do I recommend it to all my students and colleagues, but I've even persuaded my old teacher into using one. He hasn't looked back either!

Paul Rushka, Jazz musician

All of our Luis and Clark carbon fiber basses have N-pins.  They are smooth to use, have a unique clamp instead of a screw and a nice sharp endpin.  We've been very enthusiastic about them and so have our owners.  We highly recommend them!

Luis and Clark carbon fiber instruments

Luis and Stephanie Leguia

I love the N-Pin! In my opinion, it is the best designed endpin on the market. I have two, one for each of my basses, and I continuously recommend it to everyone I know. No rattles, easy to adjust, great sound and cool looks.

Max Kasper, Principal Bass- Symphony Nova Scotia, Bowmaker, and Luthier

I am very happy with my carbon fiber endpin and N-Pin assembly. It is light weight, completely adjustable, absolutely secure, and effortless to use. No more straining to tighten or loosen a frozen thumb screw or searching for the right indentation in a heavy metal endpin that probably needs sharpening. I am convinced that with the carbide tipped carbon fiber pin my bass responds better.

Edward Tait, Assistant-Principal Bass, Toronto Symphony Orchestra