Product Features

N-Pins were designed with special attention given to the choice of materials used and the functionality of each component. They are designed to be durable, easy to use, and long lasting. Above all, the design offers a stable support for your instrument. 

Aluminum Body and Quick-Release Mechanism

The quick-release mechanism securely and quickly fastens the pin at any length.

Note: actual quick-release may vary slightly from image.

Why Aluminum? 

  • Excellent strength to weight ratio, durable, and rigid.
  • Anodizing gives an attractive and scratch resistant coating.
  • The aluminum body closes around the rod by the action of the quick-release mechanism. Increased surface area contact between rod and aluminum body with pressure from the quick-release mechanism provides a sturdy, rattle free support.
  • Aluminum expands and contracts less than wood ensuring the endpin is more stable and causes less damage to your instrument when exposed to temperature and humidity changes. This also means that the hole for the endpin is less likely to need to be re-reamed and adjusted in the future. 

Our aluminum body is available in your choice of black or polished aluminum and is sized and tapered to fit most instruments. See Technical Specifications for sizing details.

Custom sizes and colours for the aluminum body and quick-release mechanism are available upon request.

Send us an email for custom orders.

Pin assembly:

Carbon Fibre Rod

Made of solid pultruded carbon fibre reinforced polymer. Pultrusion of the carbon fibres means the fibres are straight, giving maximum resistance to bending.

See Technical Specifications below for sizing details. Custom lengths are available. Send us an email for custom orders.

Why Pultruded Carbon Fibre?

  • Pultruded Carbon Fibre offers a unique and sophisticated appearance.
  • It is very strong and light weight.
  • This material has outstanding durability.

Carbide Tip 

Our unique tip design features a premium micro grain grade C2 tungsten carbide insert in a hardened steel body. Carbide is an ultra hard material and is approximately 10x harder than steel.

Why Carbide?

  • Carbide provides excellent wear resistance, even when used on concrete or tile floors. 
  • No need to sharpen even after 15 plus years.

While our carbide tip is very sharp it has a shoulder to prevent it from digging in too deep into concert hall floors. Always use the rubber tip protector for safety when not in use.


Magnetic Rubber Tip Protector

Made of nickel plated rare earth permanent magnet and bonded to the durable rubber casing, this tip protector keeps your tip (and floor) safe.

Why Rare Earth Magnet?

  • Together the magnetic force and weight from your instrument provide no space for rattles or undesirable vibrations. 
  • Easy to use. Simply hold the magnetic tip protector near tip (or other metal object) and let the magnet secure the tip protector in place.
  • Holds tight. The magnet is the strongest type of permanent magnet available and won’t come off unless you want it to.
  • Anchors your puck onto your endpin. This makes it easy to move your instrument around your rehearsal space.


Technical Specifications

The following table shows the dimensions and colours of standard N-Pins for cello and bass. If you need a different size or a colour other than black or polished aluminum, please send us an email.

  Cello Bass
Aluminum Body Taper 17:1 17:1
Aluminum Body Large Diameter 25.4 mm 33 mm
Carbon Fibre Rod Diameter 10 mm 14 mm
Carbon Fibre Rod Length 600 mm 300 mm
Colours Available for QR Mechanism and Aluminum Body
  • Black
  • Polished Aluminum
  • Black
  • Polished Aluminum
Wheel Adapter N/A
  • Onyx
  • Gaines
  • Other please specify